Toric Lépine

A passionate student of nature and its mythology, he often depicted the aquatic world and its fantastical creatures, including women metamorphosing into sirens, Naiads and Nereids.

The Toric Lépine pays tribute to the inventive spirit of René Lalique by resurrecting one of the master jeweller’s most iconic creations: the Coutard Fountain, produced in 1935.

This trailblazing piece, which established the signature codes of Lalique, depicts the myth of Arethusa, who was turned into a fountain by the goddess Artemis to help her flee from the god Alpheus after he had fallen madly in love with her.

The depiction of Arethusa, as well as the pattern of droplets forming the Coutard Fountain in her wake, have remained two of Lalique’s signature emblems and have been constantly reinterpreted over time.

DesignAlexia Steunou Jobin (PF) & Quentin Obadia (LALIQUE)HorologyParmigiani Fleurier SACrystalLaliqueDevelopment & CoordinationLalique & Parmigiani Fleurier SAYear2014