Global Design

Global design is a brand taken in all its dimensions: from marketing-design analysis to the conception of a product, with every aspect of communication and the product environment enriched by a storytelling approach.


Our collaboration :

  • conceptualization and development,
  • product design with high added-value,
  • a design solution which brings both utility and emotion to the strategic thought process,
  • aiming to surpass past achievements to meet intrinsic needs,
  • the integrity of development built on rigour, excellence and expertise,
  • the emulation created by the project in the founding team, the sense of “devotion” and “passion”,
  • communication.

Sustainable Development & Heritage

Design – Luxury – Ethics? Can this blend work?
Can sustainable development play a role in this?

Thanks to international recognition of “Swiss know-how”, a number of crafts and professions are being preserved and cultivated.

The common traits between the various players are rigour, devotion, inventiveness and a passion for their trade and their region. Their work cannot merely to be consumed and discarded. Durability is the watchword.

The concept of durability takes on its full meaning in relation to people, with their traditions and creativity.

The purpose of the designer is not to go against the current of their era, but to harness a know-how which must be in step with its “time”, and create cross-functional associations with newly developed industrial technologies.


Since childhood, I have always been a keen observer of people, endlessly fascinated by the world and the things in it. A desire to play my part in the bigger picture has always been “etched” into my soul. After pursuing family ambitions with academic studies in literature, Alexia Steunou Jobin took the unconventional route into Applied Arts – art put to practical use. Her studies as an engraver led her to the Higher Education University of Design, making products for watchmaking and industry. She derived great satisfaction from turning ideas into objects, harnessing her emotional intelligence for industry. From her very first professional experience as a designer, she clearly understood the keys to developing consumer goods…

desire, seduction, intuition, intelligence, exclusiveness, simplicity and perfection.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional experience:

  • Founder and Artistic Director, Alexia Steunou Jobin, 2017
  • Senior Designer and Project Manager, Parmigiani Fleurier SA 2015 – 2016
  • Industrial Designer specialised in horological products, Parmigiani Fleurier SA 2008 – 2015
  • Design Studio Manager, stimulus® 2004 – 2008
    Packaging design (cosmetics – food – pharmaceuticals), stand design, horological design, prospective design, product marketing development, product design consultancy.


    certificate, seminar in collective creativity, 2014 – 2014
  • University of Lausanne
    certificate, seminar in semiology and semantics, 2006 – 2006
  • HE-ARC, University of Applied Art, La Chaux-de-FONDS
    Bachelor’s Degree, industrial design specialised in horological and technical products, 2000 – 2003
  • EAA, La Chaux-de-Fonds School of Applied Arts
    CFC [Federal Certificate of Professional Competence] in engraving b, 1995 – 2000. Result obtained: Professional Maturity certificate in Arts (CFC +1)

Distinctions and prizes

  • International Design Competition Osaka 2005,
    finalist & invitation to Japan in 2006
  • Braunprize 2005, Competition,
    finalist & Braunprize 2005 exhibition
  • Flux04, Design Competition & Exhibition,
    3rd prize
  • Alessi scholarship for the Laura Polinoro Workshop, “Lightness of steel”, 2004