Bugatti Supersport & Aerolithe

The exceptionally streamlined profile of the Bugatti Super Sport may be reminiscent of a wing fuselage, but its design is a nod to the emblematic shape of the lugs of a Parmigiani watch case. So the new Bugatti becomes the undeniable signature of the Parmigiani style, adorned with the brand’s symbolic curves. Highly ergonomic on the wrist, the Bugatti Super Sport further enhances its comfort by incorporating two removable lugs on the front of the watch. The 18 carat white gold case of the new Bugatti – made by Les Artisans Boîtiers, the exterior unit of the Parmigiani Manufacture – boasts a complexity uncommon in watchmaking, featuring reproduction of the tension lines of the Bugatti Veyron’s wings. The brushed or polished sloping planes and bevels are brought to life by plays of light, creating the impression of generous volumes. The aerodynamic curves of the watch, reminiscent of those of the 1200 HP Bugatti Veyron, are accompanied by a built-in Hermès strap, specially created for the occasion.

Design Bugatti SupersportAlexia Steunou JobinRedesign Bugatti AerolitheAlexia Steunou JobinHorologyParmigiani Fleurier SAYear2008 / 2017